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Swiss Army Knife Usage



The below list shows the number of times each knife was used throughout the shows 7 seasons.
This list relates only to the knives we have been able to identify so far and as such is only an approximation. This list will be updated periodically as we identify more knives.

Note: Unless specified otherwise all knives are Victorinox brand

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Spartan 14
Tinker 11
Standard (old Spartan) 11
Picnicker 10
Climber 7
Tinker small 7
Recruit 6
Executive 6
Sportsman 3
Tourist 3
Recruit Economy 5
Super Tinker 2
Camper 2
Huntsman 3
Compact 2
Fisherman 1
Adventurer 1
Golfer 1
Wenger Handyman 1
Wenger Classic 11 1
Wenger Pocketmate 1
Episodes with no SAK used 42
Unidentified 16