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006 - Trumbo's World




Season:  1
Episode:  006    (#40191-005)

Airdate:  10 November 1985
Director:  Donald Petrie
Writer:     Stephen Kandel

Gambit Director:  Lee H. Katzin
Gambit Writer:     Stephen Kandel

  Episode   Nit-picks
Nielsen Ratings: 15.6 rating / 22 share / 2nd (31st overall)
Opening Gambit

In the Pyrenees Mountains, MacGyver sneaks into a camp where a US geologist is being held captive. Using an overheated shower as a distraction MacGyver and the scientist make their escape; however they are spotted by the captures and chased over a cliff and onto white water, where they eventually escape thinks to a line of razor wire.

Main Story

MacGyver heads into the Amazon jungle with his anthropologist friend on an expedition to find out what's scaring all the animals out of their habitat. Unable to find a guide they seek help from Lucien Trumbo, a local Cocoa plantation owner, who offers to guide them himself. As they travel deeper into the jungle, they find the source of the animal disruptions to be an army of solder ants cutting a path through the jungle directly toward Trumbo's plantation. With Charlie's death from the ants fresh in their minds, Trumbo and MacGyver set about trying to stop the ants from destroying the plantation..


Richard Dean Anderson ... MacGyver
David Ackroyd ... Lucien Trumbo
Peter Jurasik ... Dr. Charles Alden
Will Gotay ... Luiz
Maurice Sherbanee (as Maurice Sherbanée) ... Governor Santos
Melinda Peterson ... Dr. Andrea Gates
Vincenzo Gagliardi (as Enzo Gagliardi) ... The cook
Branscombe Richmond (as Ranscombe   Richmon) ... The guard
Simone Boisseree (as Simone Boisseríée) ... Yana
Hal John Norman (as Hal Jon Norman) ... The old man
David Cadiente ... The Non-Com


  • When MacGyver starts using his makeshift flamethrower, his position on the wall changes back and fourth with the camara angles.
  • In the opening gambit, MacGyver covers the rope with kerosene, splashing some on his hands. Then later he climbs down the kerosene-covered rope. At the bottom, he lights the rope on fire and the flames cover his left hand momentarily, and yet the kerosene doesn't set him on fire.
Used knife on a piece of thread to hook a towel of a clothesline. Placed water pipe on fire to overheat the shower water.
Used a log as a lever to lift a locked door off it's hinges.
Lit kerosene soaked rope so bad guys wouldn't follow them down the cliff. Ran razer wire across a river to puncture and sink pursuing rafts
Made an arc welder using jumper cables, a generator and two half dollar coins.
Twisted a rope with a bamboo pole to winch a heavy canoe off a trapped woman. Made a flame thrower from a garden hose, pipe, and gasoline.
Made Nitromannite explosive from nitrate fertilizer, plant cellulose, and acid.
  Made a protective suit from melted garden hose spread on netting and sealed with Duct tape.


SAK uses  Skills used:
 - Used SAK to hook towel off clothes line.
 - Chopped up plant stems while making explosive.
 - Ab-sailing
River rafting
 - Arc Wielding
 - Mechanical Engineering
 - Chemistry
SAK type  SAK blades/tools used
- Golfer Original / Wenger Pocketmate   - Main blade
  - Saw
Duct Tape  
Taped ant suit together.  

  • This episode borrows its plot from the Carl Stephenson short story "Leningen vs. the Ants"
  • Much of the killer ant, plantation, and flooding footage in this episode is from the movie The Naked Jungle, starring Charlton Heston.
  • The filming location for Trumbo's cocoa plantation was also used as the orphanage in the season 2 episode "The Road Not Taken"
  • Although this episode only identifies it's location as the Amazon jungle, the TV Guide specified the location as Brazil.


Memorable Remarks
  • My mom was one of the great kitchen experimenters. Japanese soup, Italian pasta, a terrific Basque stew. This one didn't even come close. - MacGyver
  • That's usually when I get a call, when somebody's in trouble and needs rescuing. - MacGyver
  • Here be tigers and unknown beasts - MacGyver
  • You know you're the only person in the world who calls me Charlie? - Charles Alden
  • Last time I saw Trumbo, he took a shot at me. - Governor Santos
  • You got that one Trumbo. Trouble is, a couple of billion of his relatives are coming to his funeral. - MacGyver
  • Power of the American dollar; Half dollar actually. - MacGyver
  • I don't know how good ants are at swimming, but I'd be willing to bet a good fire would get their attention. - MacGyver
  • Personally I like a little variety and some good people to share it with - MacGyver
  • It's a shame to see a nice piece of machinery like that just ruin itself - MacGyver




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