MacGyver and the new Citan

MacGyver and the new Citan is a 3 part web series filmed to promote the Mercedes-Benz Citan van. 

TV Guide Promotions

Collection of TV Guide advertisements for MacGyver.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of of commonly asked questions and answers about MacGyver.

100th Episode Knife

As part of the 100th episode celebrations all cast and crew of MacGyver where issued with a specially printed 11 function Swiss Army Knife

Fugitive Gauntlet

MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet is a 5 part comic book series written by MacGyver creator Lee David Zlotoff and #1 New York Times best selling author Tony Lee.

How-To Make a 100% Accurate MacGyver Jeep (part 2)

Avid MacGyver fan, Jason Henderson, takes us through the process of creating a MacGyver jeep.

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