Jimmy Kendall

Jimmy “The Eraser” Kendall is a former hitman now in the witness protection program.

Characters (reboot)

Jack Dalton (rebooted)

Ex Delta Force, CIA and Phoenix agent and close friend of MacGyver.


Fan Community

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Hell fighting in Sumatra was the last time MacGyver had seen his friend Bill Farren.

Characters (reboot)

Nikki Carpenter (rebooted)

Undercover CIA operative and former DXS hacker.

Characters (reboot)

Jill Morgan

Jill Morgan is a forensics expert at the Phoenix Foundation, personally hired

Characters (reboot)

Leanna Martin

Temporary member of Team Phoenix and (ex-)girlfriend of Wilt Bozer.

Characters (reboot)

Samantha Cage

Former member of the Australia’s SAS 4th squadron, Samantha Cage was recruited by Matty Webber to join the Phoenix team.

Characters (reboot)

Patricia Thornton

Considered the most successful clandestine operative in US history, Patricia Thornton was the Director of Field Operations for the DXS and the Phoenix Foundation.



MacGyver’s assignment to retrieve a microfilm containing stolen documents from Bulgaria quickly derailed when he met Penny Parker at the airport.