Henry Ian Cusick Takes Co-lead Role on MacGyver

Season 4 of MacGyver will have a new co-lead played by Henry Ian Cusick. [more]



Music from the MacGyver TV show including licensed re-orchestrations and episode music from the DVDs. [more]


MiniMac Visits The Second Season Loft

MiniMac visits MacGyver’s second season loft apartment. [more]


VHS Video Release

During the course of the show several countries released selected episodes on VHS video cassette collections [more]


Los Angeles

Los Angeles was MacGyver’s home base throughout the 7 seasons of the show. [more]

Behind the Scenes

Reboot Knife

This Victorinox SwissChamp knife engraved with the new MacGyver logo and Season 1 was given to cast and crew as an Christmas present. [more]

Behind the Scenes

100th Episode Knife

As part of the 100th episode celebrations all cast and crew of MacGyver where issued with a specially printed 11 function Swiss Army Knife [more]


MiniMac Visits The Griffith Observatory

MiniMac visits MacGyver’s first and most famous home. [more]


Mama Colton (rebooted)

Mama Colton is a bounty hunter and the matriarch of the Colton Family.  [more]

MacGyvering Your Life

Cleaning MacGyver Style

Article from our ‘MacGyvering Your Life’ series. [more]