Richard Dean Anderson Appearing In New Jersey

Richard Dean Anderson will be appearing at this year’s Chiller Theatre event in New Jersey.


Virtual Reality ‘MacGyverWorld’ Coming Soon

MacGyver Creator and Lawnmower Man Director to Team with Imverse to Create Virtual Reality ‘MacGyverWorld’.


Richard Dean Anderson Appearing At Raleigh Galaxycon

Richard Dean Anderson will be appearing at this years Raleigh Galaxycon July 27 – 28 in North Carolina.


MiniMac Visits The Mayfair Hotel

MiniMac discovers the assassin’s hotel.


Jeep Wrangler

Information and photos of MacGyver’s main form of transport.

Behind the Scenes

Opening Credits List: Season 1

A list of all scenes shown in the opening credits and the episodes they are from.


First Episode Title For Season 4 Revealed

We have our first season 4 episode title revealed tanks to a


Phoenix Foundation

Government department focused on providing “special activities” and operations outside of the US.

Background Bible

Original Background Bible

The original first draft of general character and show ideas in preparation for season 2 filming. Also includes 6 synopses for planned episodes, 3 of which were actually made.

Games + Apps

MacGyver Escape Room Board Game

“MacGyver: The Escape Room Game” is a multi-scenario escape room in a box.