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Favourite episode of each season?
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Big Mac-gyver
Posted: 17 February 2021 - 09:45 AM                                    
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I am just coming to the end of season 7 and my very first watch through of the entire show. I now want to go back and rewatch some of the better episodes of the show but as it has been a year since I first started (I rationed episodes to make it last), I cannot remember half of them.

My question for you is: What is your favourite episode of each season?

If you can remember the titles that is....
Your recommendations will influence my future watching, so no pressure!

Posted: 16 June 2021 - 11:54 AM                                    
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Personal preferences come into a lot of this, but focusing on ones that I can actually explain...

Season 1 is honestly the hardest for me to decide, there are a lot of fun episodes in there but it's hard to pick one that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. I'll probably give it to "Target MacGyver" for being the first episode that started fleshing out a backstory for MacGyver as well as introducing recurring cast, plus I'll always love the "wilderness-raised hero retreats to his home environment and leads bad guys on a merry chase" plotline (there's a reason my favorite Crocodile Dundee is the second one, which largely repeated this premise with better production values).

Runner-ups: "Thief of Budapest" because I enjoyed the Gypsy storyline and "The Escape" because I enjoyed the prison break storyline.

Season 2: "The Human Factor." It's pretty clearly meant as a sort of second pilot meant to reintroduce the show for new viewers or people who'd only seen part of Season 1, and it repeats the plot of MacGyver and a female scientist trapped in a military installation with a ticking clock. But, well, I guess I preferred his co-star in this one, and I'll always enjoy the man-vs-AI battle of wits that wasn't there in the original pilot. Plus it just feels like RDA has settled more into the MacGyver character at this point.

Runner-ups: "The Eraser," for a surprising but totally MacGyveresque friendship between Mac and a professional hitman, and "Jack of Lies," for introducing Jack Dalton who's by far the best guest star on the show.

Season 3: the "Lost Love" two-parter, probably. It's the most seriously the show ever delved into espionage, and the bad guys for once are unusually competent and dangerous, not the Ralph T. Guard type klutzes that Mac usually runs rings around. Also appreciated that it was a follow-up to an "I'll get you next time MacGyver!" moment from season 1, though it's a pity they couldn't get the bad guy's actor to return.

Runner-ups: "Rock The Cradle" because it's nice to see MacGyver being completely out of his depth at something for once (even if Jack is even worse).

Season 4: can't not give it to "The Challenge." The show often went into social issues, but this is the episode where it pulled out all the stops and showed just how nasty those things (racism) can get: it's widely considered the darkest moment in the series and for good reason. The fact that it feels as relevant today as it did now and in some ways even more so only makes it harder to watch, but that's part of why it's a great piece of television.

Runner-ups: "Blood Brothers" for being another solid "current issues" one and one that really ties into what made MacGyver what he is, and "Ma Dalton" for being another great Jack Dalton episode. (In case it wasn't clear enough yet, I can't get enough of Dalton).

Season 5: probably "Halloween Knights" because it's peak Murdoc. Before this, he just wasn't interesting - he was a guy who randomly appeared once a season and tried to kill MacGyver because of an incident in their past. It's only here that he finally got a personality and some character development.

Runner-ups: honestly, too many. This season is littered with great episodes. I'll just mention "Children of Light" as having a special place in my heart for being the first episode I remember watching, and the one that got me into the show.

Season 6: "Humanity," which in some ways is the ur-MacGyver plot. A bad guy nearly kills him, takes him hostage, and then gets bitten by a snake, and MacGyver... spends the rest of the episode trying to save him, first body and then soul. Yeah. It's very much what the show is all about.

Runner-ups: "Blind Faith" for being a pretty solid Pete Thornton (and Dana Elcar) episode, "Strictly Business" for being almost as good a Murdoc episode as the previous season's.

Season 7: "The Stringer," which makes a nice wrap-up and farewell to the series as a whole. Runner-ups: "Good Knight MacGyver" was probably the best of the dream-sequence episodes, and "The Coltons" is one that I, unlike many, thoroughly enjoyed and would have watched the hell out of the spin-off.

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