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Posted by: sylvain1888 23 November 2020 - 05:08 PM
Immense sadness to learn that Pamela Gidley died in 2018 at the age of 52.
Pamela Catherine Gidley is an American actress and model born June 11, 1965 in Methuen, Massachusetts, United States, and died in Seabrook, New Hampshire, April 16, 2018.

The news was communicated on the Lynchland - David Lynch Archivist Facebook page. "We are terribly sorry to inform you that Pamela Gidley, who played Teresa Banks in Twin Peaks - Fire Walk with Me, passed away on April 16th." The causes of the death of the actress are for the moment unknown, also specifies this announcement.

The actress started her career in 1986 by making an appearance in season 2 of the MacGyver series. Some remember her for her role in The Chameleon, where she played the role of Brigitte Parker, the mother of the cult Miss Parker. She also participated in two seasons of CSI, between 2000 and 2002. In Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, the prequel to the series, she plays Teresa Banks, a friend of Laura Palmer and the first victim of the killer. A shoot of which she had kept a rather intense memory. As she reported to blogger Andreas Halskov, "It was summer and you know how famous Twin Peaks are for their woolen sweaters. We were in Seattle, and it was blistering heat. [] I was sweating and asking for a fan. Ray [Wise, her partner, who played Leland Palmer, Laura's dad] told me after half an hour, 'I can't Pamela , David does not want there to be air conditioning '".

Outside of this role, Pamela Gidley's film career is far from memorable. She notably starred alongside Melanie Griffith in the 1987 sci-fi film Cherry 2000 and most recently starred in a New Zealand horror film, Aberration.

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