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Myrtle Groggins
Posted: 9 July 2024 - 07:40 PM                                    
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So who else is a long time Axhead? Other people have pointed this out before: There's no other character anywhere quite like him. Over the top cartoonish, mysterious, ultimately no match for MacGyver. Has a really weird entourage. Odd speaking voice and style. (I think the Phoenix Foundation podcast wondered if either all his lines were either looped or dubbed by someone else?) Nothing like 70s-80s villains you would expect in an episode like this.

And it completely works. The episode is immediately in emergency mode. If he comes across as an ineffective 80s villain that only gradually becomes apparent over the episode. We don't know what exactly to expect, and the core setting of dropping Bud and Harry somewhere in Colorado is yet completely the main focus of the episode.

Also wondering: Is almost all of this because of D'Mitch Davis's acting? Probably very few things that make this character are verbatim in a script. He should have won an Emmy.

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Barry Rowland
Posted: 14 July 2024 - 03:37 PM                                    
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I am, and so is my family! He's out favorite bad guy 😁


"The bag's not for what I take. It's for what I find along the way!"

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