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Posted by: MacGyverOnline 1 November 2006 - 01:08 PM

Season 3 on DVD

Release Date:  Sept 6, 2005

Discs in Set:    5

Format:            Color, Full Screen

Sound:              Dolby Digital, stereo

Presentation:  2 disc per keep case

Extras:              None

Tag Line:  Saving the day is all in a day's work

Boxed set of all 20 episodes of the third season.

Posted by: MacGyverOnline 19 December 2006 - 11:30 PM
I have just watched "Mask of the wolf" and can confirm that this episode (and I suspect the whole season definitely has stereo sound.

In the scene where Mac and jack stop to look at the totem poles the sound of the dogs pulling them moves from the center speaker to the right speaker as the shot pans left (meaning the dogs move off screen to the right).
Then as the shot pans back and the dogs come back on screen the sound also moves from the right speaker back to the center speaker.

The reason I mention this is because MacGyver didn’t start broadcasting in stereo until season 4. So this indicates that they either, have done some kind of re-mastering or processing of the sound, or, season 3 was recorded in stereo but didn’t get broadcast in stereo.

It could be quite possible that stereo recording equipment and techniques where used while producing season 3, because stereo broadcast was the new black at the time, but ABC didn’t start broadcasting stereo sound until after season 3 had finished production.

Posted by: MacGyverGod 20 December 2006 - 02:32 AM
Didn't notice it though at the time I was watching them.

Posted by: Harry1982 26 August 2014 - 08:25 PM
It all started from season 3 for me and I have always liked this season a lot. Perhaps not as much Macgyverism as with some other seasons, but the overall quality of the episodes were great. 20 episodes in total and pretty solid from the start to the end.

So the season starts with episode Lost Love, which is followed by even better episode Lost Love Part 2. Athony De Longis who played Piedra in Assassin is back this time as Major Nocolaj Kosov. What I really like about the Part 2 is the interaction between Jack and Mac. Well who doesn't laugh.gif , it's hilarious. Belongs to my favorite moments in the whole show. Then we get to see Jimmy the Eraser again in pretty good episode Back From The Dead.

Ghost Ship, this really hits the jackpot for me. I absolutely love everything about this episode, it's a fun ride with highly entertaining elements. I can understand it's not for everybody, but I love it. Ken Harrison also made impressive work with this episode. He's also worked on episodes Jack In The Box, The Widowmaker, Kill Zone, Thin Ice And Mask of the Wolf.

Next we're introduced to Nikki Carpenter by Elyssa Davalos in Fire and Ice. Elyssa appeared also in the Lost Love as Lisa. He only appeared in this season and we had the pleasure of seeing her in total 6 episodes.

GX-1, another good episode with Walter Gotell. Remember General Gogol from James Bond movies, that's the guy happy.gif. Next Jack in the Box, pretty good Jack Dalton hillbilly episode. Widowmaker is then again absolutely fantastic episode and the very first one I ever saw. I think it's my favorite Murdoc episode with Halloween Knights. This episode has it all, great drama, suspense, action, adventure, you name it. Also showed again how brilliant actor RDA is. Let's not forget Ken Harrison who once again made his magic.

Hell Week. Pretty good and intense episode. I think this time I enjoyed it more than ever before. Lisa Wilcox from Nightmare on the Elm Street made his appearance. Blow Out and Early Retirement were decent episodes, but Kill Zone is really something that I enjoyed. To me it's one of the best episodes of season 3.

Thin Ice. Probably many don't like it, but as a diehard hockey fan it's hard not to like it. Definitely a good drama episode that showed also a bit of RDA as himself. By the way, quite many times they mentioned Finland in it.

In Odd Triple we see Jack again. He also appears in Mask of the Wolf and Rock The Cradle. Lots of Jack Dalton this season, overall 6 episodes with him. I have to say there were many good Dalton episodes in season 3 and I absolutely love Rock The Cradle which reminds me about the movie Three Men and a Baby roller.gif

Jack: What do you think a kid like this eats? You know about these things, Mac.
MacGyver: What, do I look like Dr. Spock.

Let's not forget The Negotiator. I have seen this episode many many times and it's probably one of my favorites from the whole serie. By the way, in this episode we get to see Leatherman in use. Deborah is a great villain and overall an exciting episode. The Spoilers episode wasn't the strongest ones from this season, but decent.

The Endangered was something that I also liked and we saw Ricard Dean Anderson's stunt double as Sam Sheehan in this episode. He also appeared in Blow Out.

Murderer's Sky was a good episode to end the season and seeing Tia Carrere in swimming suit, couldn't be happier happy_dance.gif . So many good episodes and I even re-watched some of them.

So to pick 5 favorite episodes again, that's really hard this time. I'll choose The Widowmaker, Ghost Ship, Kill Zone, The Negotiator and Rock The Cradle

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Posted by: tvero 30 August 2014 - 05:13 AM
Season three is definitely my favourite.I think I said it before so I won't elaborate.
As for the Odd Triple,it doesn't look like France at all ,only old clichés about wine, the terrible English accent,the béret...and dirty cops !!! Come on,we aren't that bad!(I think hmm.bmp )

Posted by: Harry1982 30 August 2014 - 09:19 AM
tvero which are your top 5 episodes from season3?

Posted by: tvero 31 August 2014 - 01:31 AM
Well it depends on my mood...
I like Elyssa Davalos so whenever she appears I'm happy.When she played Nikki I liked the chemistry between her character and Mac.
-Lost Love (2):I know it isn't the best ep but the scene with Jack and Mac trying to steal the Dragon is hilarious (and I wish I had been the actress for the kissing scene,I'm sure there were several takes ,if you look at her hairstyle, it's different,hair on her shoulder or not , so the more the better...)
-Blow Out of course partly because of the Nikki and Mac scene when she admits she feels guilty for what happened to her husband but the whole ep is very good ,I think.
-The Widowmaker because Mac feels so sad and vulnerable,because of the scenery in Canada (and Nikki is in it ,as well as Murdoc).
-And for eps without Elyssa,Ghost Ship and the Endangered , both full of suspense.And he even speaks French in Ghost Ship ("Française?Etes-vous française? " with a delightful English accent....)

Posted by: Barry Rowland 4 November 2015 - 07:41 PM
I just finished watching Lost Love. All kinds of twists and turns, some of which I caught and some of which caught me. My favorite part, besides Mac and Jack taking the dragon, was at the then. Racoubian blowing up the shed after he says "Goodbye MacGyver!". The look on his face when that shed blows up is priceless! roller.gif

Posted by: MacGyverGod 19 November 2015 - 06:33 AM
Season 3 started of strong with Lost Love. The first out of three two-parters. You could tell by moving to Vancouver the series started to grow. The season is also a little darker, the lightheartedness and fun of season 2 is completely gone. Maybe it's because they left sunny L.A. Lots of guest appearances of Jack to lighten things up which is most welcome. Also Murdoc returns and we meet Nikki. There are few real killer episodes like Ghost Ship, Kill Zone and The Negotiator. I think my personal favorite of this season is Kill Zone followed real close by The Negotiator. Interesting to see how sometimes one time writers can write an impressive episode that makes their mark on MacGyver's life like Hell Week or The Endangered. There are twenty solid episodes with Rock The Cradle as my least favorite but in all a very good season.

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