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  Community Code of Conduct      

    To ensure our community is a safe and friendly place where everyone can have fun and enjoy themselves, all members are required to follow the rules set out below.

    If you feel that a post has broken any of these rules you can use the button to alert the admin team.

    1. Be respectful to others.
      Keep all posts and comments civil.  No harassment, abuse, discrimination, expletive language, or any other disruptive behavior will be tolerated.

    3. Respect the show and it's cast and crew.
      Be respectful of the show and its cast and crew at all times. Constructive criticism of the show and episodes is fine, but destructive criticism aimed at either the show or cast and crew members will be removed. This applies to the reboot as well.

    5. No spam, or nuisance posting.
      Spamming, post count boosting or any other form of junk, nuisance or nonsense posting, including posts with excessive amounts of jumbled words, letters, combinations of upper and lower-case characters or cryptic contents will be removed

    7. No politics, religion, or advocacy.?
      Given the wide variety of people in the forums, political, religious or advocacy posts/comments/pics do not belong in here.

    9. No Copyright Breeching.
      We do not condone pirating or blatant breaching of copyright and/or intellectual property. Nor do we allow the discussion or promotion of such activities in this community.

    11. Syntax.
      Please make all posts in "normal" English to the best of your abilities. Because we have a large number of members for whom English is a second language, mobile phone "txt speak", or other forms of shorthand writing (with the exception of standard abbreviations such as lol, brb, rofl, etc) only serve to confuse and are therefore not permitted.

    13. Stay on topic.
      While some deviation in a topic is all part of natural discussion dynamics, we shouldn't let a discussion go too far off topic. If your post is drifting from the topic, feel free to start a new topic in the appropriate forum or simply move back on topic.

    15. Signatures.
      Signatures may not contain graphics, should be standard text size and comply with our regular posting and forum rules.

    17. Message Removal / Editing.
      Community owners and staff reserve the right to edit, move or delete any post deemed to be in violation of the above rules or our TOS.

    19. Respect the administration team.
      All members are expected to respect the administration team at all times and follow any directives issued by them.

    By posting in this community you agree to be bound by all these rules.

    Your continued membership within our community is an automatic acceptance of this Code of Conduct, but if at any time you should decide that you no longer agree with this code and wish to leave our community you may do so by following the instructions found here.