All images in these galleries are copyright of their owners and may not be copied, re-presented or used in any way what-so-ever with out the express permission of the respective owner of the work.

Please read the Gallery Rules before posting your images.

Gallery Rules, Please read before posting your images
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Posted: 28 November 2007 - 01:35 AM                                    
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The following rules and guidelines must be observed when posting your images.

- All images must comply with our code of conduct

- Images should not be bigger then 1000 pixels wide and 4000px high.

The easiest option is to upload your images directly from your computer using the upload option at the bottom of the post screen. This will automatically resize any image for you.

If you wish to embed an image, you can either use the IMG button located just above the message box in the post screen.

Or you can type the image command as below.

user posted image

So an example of this command in use would be...

user posted image

Please credit the source of your photo where possible.

They went to the trouble of uploading the image so the least we can do is acknowledge their effort as a way of saying thanks.

All images posted remain the copyright property of their respective owners.
By posting your images in these galleries you grant permission for this site to publicly display your images in a style which suits the format of these forums.
You also grant permission to administrators of this site to move or delete any images deemed necessary to meet the standards, layouts and rules of this site and forums.
All other rights remain with the owner of the image.

Any complaints about an image can be made by clicking the user posted image button on the post in question.
(Complaints are handled in complete privacy. Your name will never be passed on to the author)

If you find someone has used your images without permission please contact the admin to find out what action you can take.

Any problems should be reported in our Board room forum for resolution.

If you have any suggestions for gallery subjects please let me know via PM.

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