001 PILOT (untitled)

Disarmed missile with a paper clip. Used a matchbook, string, rubber-band and a stick to make a time-delay fuse to fire a rifle hanging in a tree.
Squashed the end of a flare gun barrel by hitting it with a rock to use it as a rocket thruster.
Used laser to light cigarette. Used Cigarette smoke to see laser.
Used mirror from binoculars to reflect laser beam to 'sting' itself.
Raised fallen I-beam with water pressure in a knotted fire hose. Used wooden stick to test door heat.
Used a ripped piece of shirt as a gas mask.
Twisted power wires together on broken air vent switch to bypass broken switch Used chocolate bars to plug Sulfuric acid leak.
Made explosive with Sodium metal, a cold capsule and some water.
  Signaled "All OK" by flashing main power controls on and off  causing the lights to flash in Morse Code.


Used electromagnet to pick up briefcase. Used tire wrench to pop open car trunk. Used forklift to trap thieves in car.
Inflating raft pulls string on Signal flare to create explosion Used a signal flare to blow up jeep.
Used mirror and whistle as a signal.
Dropped snakes into jeep to scare away passengers. Leaves on ground looked like a covered hole so jeeps would drive around and fall into hidden pit.
Branch laying across road connected to string which pulls triggers on guns (when branch is moved) to shoot tires of jeep.
Log hanging on ropes swings down to knock solders out of jeep. Giant Bambo "flute" is connected to jeeps exhaust to blow home made tear gas made of fire-ash and rice alcohol.
Attached jeep winch to Helicopter to "wind in" the chopper.


Placed light bulbs between boards and slid under a truck to be run over to simulate a tire blowout. Used salt, sugar and weed killer and battery acid to make explosive. Undid steering wheel and snapped off key of tractor so it couldn't be stopped or steered
Tied razor wire to back of tractor to stop guards Unknown powder thrown in air ignites with match to make a distracting explosion.
Made a magnifying glass using a hairpin and white wine
Messed up traffic signal with slices
of credit card.
Taped radio and police walkie-talkie together to jam police communications with music
Tied MacGyvered radio jammer to helium balloons to lift them up high enough to reach all police cars.


Used SAK to push the key out of a lock then retrieved it on map placed under the door. Used map as pea shooter. Wrapped map around iron bar to hide the bar, then used it as a weapon.
Used map & duct tape to patch hole in hot air balloon. Slid down sand dune on map.
Wrapped camera strap with plastic clips around electric fence wire to prevent electrocution.
Used camera timer to set off plastique explosive. Used Firecrackers, candle, duct tape and a Camera strap on church bell as a noisy distraction
Connect jeeps together with the winch rope to prevent them from pursuing him.
Used rear vision mirror of bus taped to the drivers seat and Kate's compact mirror to make periscope. Overheated old jeep engine with oil on it to create smoke screen
Used leather straps and duct tape on the steering wheel, drive shifter & gas pedal to make Jeep drive itself.
  Made smoke distractions by burning oily rags in metal drums and rolling them down the hill.  


Used paper clip and thread to unzip a woman's dress to create a diversion. Used soap powder and a shoe polisher to grind die so they fell on the same numbers. Used an electrical cord to tie a door shut
Broke the tops off of gas canisters to rocket-power a drinks cart. Used magnet from phone so Chris could sabotage the roulette wheel and slot machines in the casino. Removed the stone from a ring so Chris could mark the casino cards with the sharp points on the ring.
Wired a fuse box to the hands of an alarm clock as a timer to cause a short circuit at the set time. Used a clothes hanger, mirror, duct tape and string to block a security camera's view.
Used cigar ash to make a security light beam visible.
Used a fiber optic tube to bend security light beam. Used crystal wine glasses to recreate musical tones to open the vault.
Used part of a lamp to funnel diamonds down a drainpipe into the trunk of a waiting car.
  Parachuted a car out the back of an airplane  

Used knife on a piece of thread to hook a towel of a clothesline. Placed water pipe on fire to overheat the shower water.
Used a log as a lever to lift a locked door off it's hinges.
Lit kerosene soaked rope so bad guys wouldn't follow them down the cliff. Ran razer wire across a river to puncture and sink pursuing rafts
Made an arc welder using jumper cables, a generator and two half dollar coins.
Twisted a rope with a bamboo pole to winch a heavy canoe off a trapped woman. Made a flame thrower from a garden hose, pipe, and gasoline.
Made Nitromannite explosive from nitrate fertilizer, plant cellulose, and acid.
  Made a protective suit from melted garden hose spread on netting and sealed with Duct tape.


Made a thermite torch with a magnesium bicycle, iron rust and an emergency flare. Made smoke bombs from fertilizer, chair upholstery, starting fluid, newspaper, duct tape, matches Used a fire hose as a water canon against bad guys.
Used end of meat hook as a screw driver. Melted ice with light bulb to run down make-shift ramp and refreeze inside the door lock breaking it open.  
Used a remote controlled airplane to deliver a smoke bomb soaked in olive oil.

Used gum foil to "by-pass" blown fuse. Used wooden board as extra support to walk across broken old floor. Used old springs, ropes, boards and sand on back of truck to safely transport unstable dynamite.
Used spring from ballpoint pen to replace linkage spring on truck motor. Told Laura to put nitroglycerin in a thermos to protect it from heat while moving it into position above fire. Used old jeep, old fridge and pipes to make device for delivering nitro into well fire.

Hot-wired car with paper clip Used SAK to pick trunk lock.
Loosened lug nuts of bad guys car.
Used string to turn on saw. Set up buzz saw to fling pieces of wood at bad guys.
Set vacuum cleaner to blow sawdust over bad guys.
Unhooked ladder so it could be pulled down to block exit. Cut hole in car water hose to let coolant leak out so car would overheat.
Mixed soda and popping candy with dry ice to simulate fire smoke through air vents.
Unhooked car from tow-truck in narrow alleyway to block FBI car. Used string and rod to trip bad guys on stairs.
Made harpoon gun out of telescope, camphor balls, cleaning fluid, and cloth.
  Used rope, pullies and steel rod to make a flying fox.

Used SAK to pick door lock. Set tray with pots and pans sitting on bag of ice being melted by toaster oven as timed distraction.  Tipped cooking oil over kitchen floor so bad guys would slip over.
Used garden hose to trip bad guys as they ran out through door. Used beach chair to hold both badguys down while disarming them. Used reeds stuck bark floating on lake to look like he and Harry were under the water.
Made blow dart from reeds, stick carved into darts and anesthetic-like sap from plant. Used sharp rock to cut branch. Made "land mines" from Pine cones and pine pitch.
Used clay and pyrite mixture to make antibiotic for Harry's wound. Poured grain dust down a funnel into room which exploded when lit. Sawed half way through roof support so it could be easily knocked out to crash on bad guy.

Used gum wrapper as fishing tackle. Used edge of metal basin to sharpen knife.  Used belt buckle as screw driver.
Piped water down belt into electrical outlet to short it out. Cot springs & cot used to ram the door open. Set up old TV tube and car batteries on chairs behind door to overload as the door opens.
Hung fire hose out window to make bad guys think he had escaped out the window. Used old nail to open car tire valve and let air out. Set fire to piece of rope hanging under smoke alarm to set alarm off as distraction.
Dropped water bottles onto a board leaning against a wall of barrels which made the barrels fall onto the bad guys. Hit iron bar on fire hydrant to make long magnet. Used long magnet to pick up metal capsule of antidote from water drain.

Turned a casket into a jet ski. Used his SAK to test the door for electrification .  Put suit of armor out through door to see how the door was booby-trapped.
Used metal bowl & electric juicer along with other kitchen appliances as electronic jammers. Removed pins from door hinges so door would fall outwards and could be used as a ramp for the motorized trolley Used batteries taped together as a Power pack for motorized cart.
Used a rubber band and electric mixer powered by batteries to "motorize" a cart. Attached amour helmet and shoulders to the top of the motorized cart as a decoy for motion detecting guns. Used motorized decoy to draw fire of motion sensing guns away from himself.
Used Vinegar & Baking Soda to make a smoke screen. Piled up scrap metal in the middle of corridor as an early warning for when Quayle is coming. Wired the fuse box to overload the main power switch.
Used all the scrap metal in the basement to create a path to the fuse box. Used mirror as a "periscope". Used high pressure water outlet as a water cannon to push Quayle against overloaded fuse box to electrocute him.

Used power supply to over-ride a time lock's timing pulse to speed it up and open the door. Used a disassembled revolver as a wrench.

Turned cargo net into a rappel line and harness. Used sharpening stone to scratch through the end of a neon tube to break it off. Pushed tube through silicone seal to maintain vacuum in the bomb.
Used edge of powder dish to remove cork from tube inside the bomb. Used neon tube with end cut open to vacuum phosphorus powder out of bomb trap. Injected a mixture of low fat milk and oven cleaner via a pastry tube to neutralize an acid mixture inside the bomb.

Reattached brake line and used steering fluid to fill empty brake cylinder. Made nylon with Adipic acid, Iron filings and Hexamethylenediamine. Made a "mind relaxer" using a mirror, wire frame and spiral-painted ash tray.
Used Sonic cleaner to smash gunman's glasses    Made defibrillator from candlesticks and cable from microphone amplifier.

Used a chair and coat hangers hooked into a conveyer belt to smash through a wall. Picked handcuff locks with an earring Speed up a merry-go-round and then dumped a box of brass rings into the mechanism to jam it to stop quickly.
Made smoke distraction with rat poison, soap flakes and tile cleaner in a pot   Created time delayed explosion using lard, newspaper, crystalized oven cleaner and natural gas Created a slippery road surface by mixing diesel exhaust with water from a tanker

Built hang-glided from pieces of a crashed Satellite Made a slingshot using a scarf and rock Turned a butane tank into a projectile by knocking off the nozzle.
Fixed water pump by wrapping material around the plunger to create an airtight seal.   Used rope around a loose pole to pull the poll while hiding in the hay stack to crash the roof on a bad guy. Poured water into a crack in a rock and then froze it with a fire extinguisher to make it expand and crack the rock more.

Used a sound oscillator at full volume to deter bad guys Kateism - Used Jumper cabled + old car battery + coin to burn through iron bars Cooled hot bars with hydrocarbons from a spray can
Used electrolytes in cactus juice to power transistor radio Used triangulation from 2 radios to locate source of radio signal Used side mirror and headlight reflector cone from jeep + binocular lens to focus sunlight on to a rifle shell to heat the gun powder of the bullet to explode

Made a doll from a sock and handkerchief. Sprayed carbonated water into a bowl of Salt causing it to splash into bad guys eyes. Spread local moonshine along top of train and set fire to it to stop bad guys from chasing him
Booby-trapped the engine control circuits to overload Made a high-pitched whistle from a bottle spout to annoy the horses Made a lie detector from a sphygmomanometer and an alarm clock
  Threw boot onto roof of carriage to distract bad guy  

Used olive oil, news paper, cotton wool and soccer ball to make a papier-mâché hot air balloon Used a small knife as a screwdriver Attached a spatula to a ceiling fan and used a tape recorder to record the "helicopter" sound
Used electrical wires from refrigerator, metal tub with PCP mixture in it and a large ice block to create a time delayed explosion Put a packet of PCP in jacket pocket and poured more PCP on the outside flap so it could be light to make a wearable bomb Used gun powder from some hand-grenades to make a "fuse" leading to the rest of the grenades under a truck full of weapons

Jammed potato in car exhaust to prevent motor from starting Used Empty fuel cans, life jackets, rope and a blanket to make floating obstacule to block intake of jetboat motor Used filament of light bulb as lock pick (twice)
Jammed wet cloth in drain hole of basin to act as a plug Mixed caulking compound with an unknown "hardening agent" to make superglue around edge of pail. Used mop handle glued to top of pail floating in basin of water to draw attention of guard so he would come and pick up the pail getting his hands stuck in the superglue.

Used exploding toothpaste to distract Terry Placed board in front of tire spikes to allow car to pass over without puncturing the tires Placed phone on end of ruler sticking over edge of desk to catapult the phone into Emilio's hands so he would drop his gun to catch the phone