Functional over Material

BY: Kiwitek

One aspect of MacGyver which came through quite strongly was that he lived lightly as far as material possessions go. He went for functionality rather than owning stuff for the sake of it. He had a TV which suited his needs rather than the latest and greatest giant flat screen. He brought clothes because he needed them, rather than because he wanted them. He drove a jeep which was functional and did the job, rather than a flash car which he didn’t need. All these things are aspects which, now more than ever, we should be taking on board with our own lives.

It seems that most western countries have a decreasing employment rate and an increasing unemployment rate as we strive to do things more efficiently with fewer people and with this decrease in jobs comes the increase in the need to live on less. The key to doing this is to live functionally rather than materially and MacGyver was the master at doing this. Repair things if you can only buy things you really need. Reuse items where you can. These are all ideas which take us back to a more basic and may I add, more relaxed and stress-free way of living.

I myself went through a spate of materialism as I worked through a high paying contract which allowed me to be quite materialistic. Now that the contract has finished I’m back on a low income as I look for new work, I find myself reverting back to the simple basic things in life. Food on the table, clothes on my back and only buying something if I need it. And to be honest, I think this simple approach gives you a more enjoyable and relaxed lifestyle. 

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