Booker Wilson

Founder of the Challengers Club, Booker studied to be a lawyer but working on the principle that by the time a teenager needed a lawyer it was already too late, he decided to forego a law practice and open a youth center where he could work with and help troubled teens before they needed a lawyer.

He and his wife, Cynthia, ran the club together for 15 years and were preparing for the clubs 15th anniversary when they became the target of a local racist, named Larson, who wanted the club closed down, and when his lobby to the local council failed took matters into his own hands killing Booker in a gang styled execution to look like local street gang, The Demons, were responsible. MacGyver was, however, able to trace the label on the packet of drugs found on Booker’s body, back to Larson’s printing shop and thus prove that Larson was the killer.

After his death, Booker’s wife, Cynthia continued to run the Challengers Club up until 1990, at which point she apparently handed over the day to day running of the club to ex-marine, R.J. Hines.


The ChallengeMichael D. Roberts








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