Bridges was a federal agent working on the Bennett case with Andrew Wiley. He was present with Wiley when Frank Bennett testified about his brother Joey’s illegal drug operation.

He was one of the two agents to escort Frank to safety from the Court House after MacGyver had caused an evacuation as part of his plan to help Frank get to see his dying mother one last time. Unknown to the agents, MacGyver had sabotaged their car and when it broke down he arrived with a rental tow truck and proceeded to leave them stranded as he towed the car into an alley where he left it and escaped with Frank in the truck.

Bridges was also part of Wiley’s team who staked out the Bennett house, searched MacGyver’s apartment when Joey lured them away, and returned to the Bennett home as MacGyver and Frank made their escape from Joey’s murder plot.


The Prodigal
Andrew T. Wiley
Frank Bennett
Joey Bennett
Tom Ormeny


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