Carla Yeats

Carla is an accomplished artist who, along with her twin sister Roxanne (Roxy) have been friends with MacGyver since high school. Both her and her sister had a love for rock climbing although Carla was a more able climber, both she and her sister enjoyed the sport and even coxed MacGyver to join them on occasion. 

In May of 1987 Carla was admitted to Pine Valley Hospital with severe mental depression where she remained a patient of Dr. Farrell for nearly 2 years. A few months after her release her sister was killed while climbing at Lost Arrow peak. Roxy slipped and fell leaving Carla to take the weight of both of them as Roxy hung helplessly over the edge of the cliff on the safety rope attached to Carla. Realizing that Carla was unable to support both of them Roxy cut the safety rope to prevent Carla from being pulled down with her. This accident sent Carla into another mental breakdown, this time causing her to assume a double personality to try and keep her sister alive. 

It wasn’t until Roxy was hired to sing for a Rock Against Drugs music video for the Phoenix Foundation that the double personality was found out by MacGyver and he was able to help Carla come to terms with Roxanne’s death.


Two Times Trouble
Audrey Landers


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