Caterina Bennett

Caterina Bennett was the mother of Joey and Frank Bennett. Her husband was an immigrant from Eastern Europe who became the head of a family crime syndicate involved in drug trafficking. When her husband died, her oldest son Joey became the head of the family and took over the operation. Caterina had kept her distance from the family business and lived as if she didn’t know where the money came from.

When her health began deteriorating Caterina was hospitalized at St. Matthew’s Hospital where she was looked after by Nurse Carol. Knowing she was dying she wanted to speak to Frank one last time but because he had agreed to testify about Joey’s illegal drug operation the Federal Marshall in charge of the investigation decided it was too risky to allow.

Despite the safety concerns,  MacGyver was determined to find a way to allow Frank to see his mother and broke Frank out of the Marshall’s office, however when they arrived at the hospital they found Joey had arraigned for Caterina to be discharged and brought back to their family home, where he planned to let Frank visit her for one last time and then kill him.

Knowing it was a trap, but counting on protection from the federal marshals outside the house, Frank went to the Bennet home and was able to see his mother one last time where she reminded him of a happy memory of him as a little boy telling her to watch over him and when he grew up he would keep her safe, before peacefully passing away.

Joey’s plan to kill Frank after his visit with their mother was thwarted when MacGyver broke into the Bennet home and rescued Frank via a zip-line escape over the fence just as Wiley and his marshals arrived at the house.


The Prodigal
Joey Bennett
Frank Bennett
Nurse Carol
Angela Clarke


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