Chan was the youngest of the group of villagers which included his sister, Lin, and grandfather who were forced to work in the Burmese opium fields by General Narai and his goons.

Chan had found a red baseball cap in a crashed plane near his village. When MacGyver arrived at the village Chan led him to the crash site, but upon arriving there MacGyver found the canister of toxin he was looking for had already been taken. When MacGyver was captured and subsequently staked out in the sun to die, Chan stole back MacGyver’s Swiss Army Knife and snuck it to him so he could escape.

After MacGyver chased Truang out of the village, Chan thought MacGyver was abandoning them and completing his mission. However, he remained behind to help the villagers prepare to fight Narai and his followers. Chan played his part in the preparations and the fight by gathering local snakes to use in a trap to commandeer a jeep and then operating the gas peddle of the jeep to trigger a home-made tear gas system.


The Golden Triangle
General Narai 
Bryan Price


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