Bannon, New Mexico

Bannon is the scene of the KIVA Laboratories explosion which MacGyver was called in to rescue trapped workers from in the pilot episode.

Ed Gantner requested his help after a mysterious explosion ripped through the top-secret underground research facility located in the Bannon area trapping two Nobel candidate scientists. MacGyver’s name came up as a last hope when they realized the odds of a rescue team getting to the trapped scientists were less than zero.

Upon arriving MacGyver found that he was in a race against time to rescue the two scientists because plans where underway to flood the whole complex with sodium hydroxide to neutralize an acid leak before it reached the aquifer and poison half of New Mexico state as well as Texas and Mexico. His time was cut even shorter when it was decided to fire a missile into the complex to fuse the lower rock strata to insure the acid couldn’t reach the aquifer.




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