MacGyver traveled to Cairo, Egypt in pursuit of Pierre Lamont after the murder of Professor Cornwell. Lamont had stolen the files of the professors latest Super-seed project and fled to Cairo looking to sell the information on the black market. 

In Cairo MacGyver visited his old Archaeology professor at the Cairo museum where he learned that Pierre Lamont was the assumed name of another of Prof. Sadi’s students who MacGyver had met on a dig in Turkey. MacGyver was able to track Lamont down but got to his hotel room but found him dead and his killer escaping out the window leading to a high speed chase through the crowded streets of Cairo with the Chinese army in hot pursuit.

In the reboot Cairo was an ongoing reference to the worst situation MacGyver and Jack had ever had. It was regularly referenced and responded to with “No-one talks about Cairo” but very little was revealed about the events that took place other than a short clip showing that they were caught in what appeared to be an archaeology storage warehouse by armed gunmen while looking for a bomb. However when MacGyver tried to use the counting down bomb (with 40 seconds left) as a bargaining tool to scare the gunmen away they revealed that their plan all along was to detonate the bomb and they were all happy to die for their cause leaving MacGyver with no bargaining chip and 12 seconds left on the bomb.


Fugitive Gauntlet 
Cigar Cutter 




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