MacGyver went to Mesa, New Mexico to meet with his long time friend, Tony Sullivan, who had requested a meeting with MacGyver in the desert town for protection from the Syndicate, of which he was a member. 

Unfortunately Tony was shot and killed before he was able tell MacGyver why he needed protection, but MacGyver soon found out when he unwittingly hitched a ride with elderly couple, Guy and June Roberts, who had the bag of counterfeit money thrown in their car by Tony before being shot and now had the mob chasing them wanting the money back.

When the mob finally caught up to them MacGyver was forced to cannibalize the couples vintage ’59 Cadillac to try to stop them, however the vehicle was too badly damaged and they had to seek refuge in a deserted town where MacGyver was finally able to stop their pursuers. 

Note: Mesa is a fictional town located along what appeared to be a country road presumably to the east of Albuquerque as the Roberts where taking a cross country road trip to Hollywood.


Three For The Road
Golden Oak Ranch 



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