The Department of eXternal Services is a fictitious government department similar to the CIA but with a specific focus on providing “special activities” and operations outside of the US. These activities can range from intelligence gathering and surveillance through to covert operations. They have their own field agents to undertake these assignments, but can also liaise with other agencies if required. Many DXS agents moved over to work at the Phoenix Foundation after they left the department citing it as a way to continue the peace process they had stared in the DXS. Due to the high-level security work the foundation undertook, the unique skills of DXS agents were put to good use.


In a few episodes, the DXS was mistakenly referred to as the “DSX.”
In the 2016 reboot, the DXS was portrayed as a government organization that was so secretive that even the CIA didn’t know about them and so powerful they could “move Christmas.” Their focus was on pairing military and science together to quickly and quietly deal with situations before they became international  incidents – a task they accomplished with 2 person teams consisting of one military and one scientific agent. Their public cover was of being a government think tank, which they maintained after renaming to Phoenix Foundation at the end of the first episode.

DXS Headquarters


The Enemy Within
To be a Man
Ugly Duckling
Prisoner of conscience
The Assassin
Family Matter
The Rising (reboot pilot)
Peter Thornton
Executive Director

Field Operative

Craig Bannister
Field Operative

Mrs. Chung

Karen Blake


DXS building exterior and internal “lab” room as seen in the 2016 MacGyver reboot



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