Helman Club

An exclusive members-only club owned by Nicholas Helman and used as the base of operations for Homicide International Trust, of which Helman was the Chairman.As well as the usual facilities associated with private clubs, bars, billiard rooms,function halls etc.

Secret entrance to Death Row.

The Helman Club also consisted of a private area accessed through a secret door located behind the cue rack in the Billiards Room. The door has a thumb print lock which only Helman’s print can open and leads to a specialized testing facility known as Death Row. The facility consists of several army assault-like scenarios which budding new HIT assassins must work their way through shooting the mechanical targets as they appear from their hiding spots. To make the test as real as possible the coarse uses live ammunition, meaning you either pass the coarse or die trying. This ads an extra level of security to ensuring that HIT’s operations can’t be compromised by any disgruntled would-be-employees.

Halloween at the club.

Ironically the secret testing area was the scene of Helman’s own demise when his plan to lure Murdoc to his death in the training area by using his sister as bait, failed thanks to the help of MacGyver. As Murdoc and MacGyver were escaping Helman’s assistant, Sonia Chapel, double crossed Helman and opened a trap door under his feet causing him to fall into a pit of poisonous snakes at which point a wounded Murdoc finished the job by throwing a hand grenade into the pit.


Halloween Knights


Nicholas Helman
Chairman of the Board

Sonia Chapel
Personal Assistant to Mr. Helman



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