Originally owned by his Grandpa Harry, the blue and white 57 Nomad was willed to MacGyver after Harry passed away and was MacGyver’s main form of transport through the later part of season 6.

The 2 door station wagon has some great childhood memories for MacGyver. His first driving experiences were in the Nomad as a young boy sitting on Harry’s knee as they drove to hockey practice. Harry would have MacGyver steer the car while he worked the pedals which MacGyver couldn’t yet reach. 

The nomad is notable for its coupe-styled 2 door design which requires the front seats to be pulled forward to gain access to the rear seats. Also notable is the two-piece back door which allows the upper and lower halves to be opened separately.


Richard Dean Anderson has previously stated that the Nomad was his favorite vehicle in the show.

Harry’s Will
Bitter Harvest
The Visitor
Squeeze Play
Jerico Games
High Control
Chevrolet Bell Air Nomad
Blue with white trim





  1. I recall the day the production guy for this show came into the Langley BC vintage car shop that I worked for. They wanted some rubber for the old Chevy pickup from the show. This led to the same guy coming back another time looking for a Nomad as they wanted to change the image of the show a bit. We had a customer who was selling the very car that became the star car in the show. We passed along the info and a deal was made. Shortly thereafter the fellow was back. It seemed that a second car was needed as a back up and working car. They needed #2 car quick to be ready for the film season. Another blue ‘57 Nomad. Now Nomads are quite rare to start with so finding another was no easy task. What we did find was a rough Nomad for sale by another customer from the Canadian Prairies if memory serves. Again a deal was struck and after putting the production guy in touch with a very good resto customer of ours and a lot of cheques written for parts from our store, the show then had two identical’57 Nomads in time for the filming season. At the time filming in British Columbia was still growing so it was a real thrill to be part of the process of getting McGyver a new ride. Oh, the shop still exists. The Old Car Centre in Langley BC.

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