MiniMac Visits The Season 1 Apartment

Located at the north end of the bohemian Venice Beach neighborhood stands the building better known to us as MacGyver’s season 1 home.

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Built in 1981, the 3 leveled “Wolf building” stands conspicuously between its colorful neighbors at 317 Ocean Front Walk, it’s once white exterior now greyed from years of built-up dirt and grime.  The green railing we see MacGyver bound over in the show has been replaced by a glass brick wall and the café we see in the show is long gone leaving the area open to be used as the main entrance into the much different interior from what we see in the show, which, like MacGyver’s other homes, was filmed on a sound stage. The general layout we see on screen is similar to the real interior though, with the kitchen being in the same place, but MacGyver’s bedroom is actually the main lounge area which extends into a hallway leading to the bedrooms located at the rear of the building and an atrium extending the full height of the building allows natural light to flood the living areas of all 3 levels. The building boasts one of largest rooftop decks of the entire Ocean Front Walk and a 6 car garage is accessed from the rear of the building giving plenty of parking and storage space for the occupants.

The glass brick fence at the front of the house provides privacy and security as the building sits on one of LA’s best-known tourist attractions, the Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk.  Known as the cultural hub of LA, the Ocean Front Walk is a colorfully housed eclectic collection of arts and craft stalls, street performers, food and clothing outlets, gift stores and fitness enthusiasts; the famous Muscle Beach is located here along with basketball, paddle tennis, handball and beach volleyball courts.

There’s also several public painting walls and areas where local artists can make murals and designs for the public to enjoy as well as open stage areas for public performances.  The area very much feels and reminds me of the neighborhood MacGyver moved into in season 7, which probably shouldn’t be surprising since the season 7 loft is just down the road from here.


Photos by: KiwiTek & DashboardOnFire.
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