Season 3 On DVD

Release Date:  Sept 6, 2005

Discs in Set:    5 

Format:             Color, Full Screen

Sound:              Dolby Digital, mono

Presentation:  2 discs per keep case

Extras:               None

Tag Line:  Saving the day is all in a day’s work

Boxed set of all 20 episodes of the third season.

Discs are housed in 3 keep cases (2 discs per case) with separate artwork and episode descriptions for both discs on the back of each case. All 3 cases are packaged in a cardboard outer sleeve.

Separate artwork adorns each disc along with a list of episodes on the disk, the season and the disc number.

This set has not been digitally remastered or corrected in any way. They appear to have been copied from the original broadcast masters and as a result image quality suffers in some episodes.

Although season 3 was not broadcast in stereo, it was recorded with stereo sound which has been included in all episodes in this set.




Lost Love (Part 1)
Lost Love (Part 2)
Back From The Dead
Ghost Ship
Fire and Ice
Jack In The Box
The Widowmaker
Hell Week
Blow Out
Kill Zone
Early Retirement
Thin Ice
The Odd Triple
The Negotiator
The Spoilers
Mask Of The Wolf
Rock The Cradle
The Endangered
Murderer’s Sky


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