CBS Listens To MacGyver Fans

Rumors and speculation have been running rife since news broke that CBS had canned the supporting cast and writers on their MacGyver reboot pilot with a new script being ordered and Hawaii-Five-0 head, Peter Lenkov, taking the helm of the project.  This news appeared to be confirmed by Addison Timlin’s tweets and Lenkov’s Instagram posts

However, confusion soon followed when out of nowhere CBS released a trailer containing the original cast and was promoted across social media by both CBS and Peter Lenkov leaving fans wondering what was really going on.

Then came the quote from Lenkov, in what is assumed to be a response to the harsh criticism from fans to the trailer and confirmation that the fans are being taken notice of, saying the MacGyver character would be reconstructed  as “more of an adult, losing the long stringy hair and looking a little more like his dad [in the original].” This has now been followed up by the complete removal of the shows Twitter and Facebook timelines, with all posts and comments now gone from their social media accounts fans are once again left to wonder and speculate hopefully that their voice is being heard and this new pilot will be everything they want it to be.

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