MacGyver Reboot Pilot Wraps

According to a tweet sent out on May 5th by director David Von Ancken’s assistant, Meg London-Boche, the MacGyver reboot pilot is completed. Her tweet (seen below) showed a picture of her laying on a sofa wrapped in a blanket with a black MacGyver cap hanging on a pillow behind her with the title proclaiming “MACGYVER is DONE!” 


The filming process has been kept under wraps with the few pictures and details being shared by cast and crew quickly removed again from social media, but not before eagle-eyed fans spotted and shared what appeared to be on-location shoots and teasers all hinting that the show promises to be an action-adventure to rival the original shows, pilot.

All the secrecy may be because CBS doesn’t yet know if the show will make the cut or not. They have a number of other pilots in the works which appear to be higher up the pecking order than MacGyver. According to Variety website, CBS has already made a 13 episode commitment to Kevin James’ as-yet-untitled domestic comedy project and have their sights set on “Bull” and “I’m Not Your Friend” as their other front runners while further down the list we find “Training Day” and “Bunker Hill” as the major favorites over the other contenders which include MacGyver.

Collection of pictures shared by MacGyver reboot cast and crew.


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