MacGyver Reboot Wants Richard Dean Anderson On Board

MacGyver reboot executive producer, Peter Lenkov, has confirmed that he has asked Richard Dean Anderson to appear on the new show. The confirmation came when the host asked if anyone had talked to the original cast members. Lenkov quickly responded that he was hoping to get RDA on the show and had already reached out to him on the subject. 

They also indicated that they’re planning on bringing Murdoc back as MacGyver’s arch-nemesis but gave no further information other than to say they’re already working on it.

Both Peter Lenkov and James Wan spoke at length on how they wanted to keep the spirit and soul of the original show in tack and appeared to have a strong understanding of the shows uniqueness which has lead it to iconic status around the world, saying MacGyver was a very human hero with Wan specifically referencing how MacGyver would hurt his hand if he had to punch someone and saying “We want to retain some of the spirit of that. He’s not like James Bond or Jason Bourne and that’s what makes him different.”  They also spoke about keeping his non-violence tendencies and brain over brawn approach to problem-solving.

Lenkov spoke also of how the pilot will have a lot of “Easter eggs” which will act as a bridge between the old and new show and how some of those will be MacGyverisms such as ‘The Human Factor’s defeating a hand scanner using plaster from the wall, which we’ll see in the pilot episode.

MacGyver premieres Friday, Sept 23 8/7c


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