MacGyver Wins Teen Choice Award

MacGyver - Teen Choice Action TV Show Winner

For weeks fans have voted online and via social media, amassing more than 55 million votes for their favorite shows, movies, actors, singers and more, and on Sunday that voting paid off for MacGyver as it was awarded the coveted technicolor surfboard for ‘Choice Action TV Show’ beating out competition from the likes of Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl whos fans response was swift and harsh with most claiming either not to know what MacGyver is or disbelief that the show could beat their own favorite. However, bearing in mind that the other shows in this category usually get between 1-2 million viewers each week compared to MacGyver’s 5-6 million, a win here is not surprising.

The surfboard was chosen as the award because it represents the freedom of the summer vacation for teens.

In an apparent step away from previous years, which saw winners required to attend the ceremony or forfeit their win to the second placer, this year saw non-attenders keep their win but forgo the live announcements with organizers choosing instead to focus mainly on the music categories and live performances to fill the 2-hour live ceremony which was broadcast on Fox network and hosted by Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) and YouTuber David Dobrik.  This change in the process makes things far more accurate and adds legitimacy to the award which may be good news for MacGyver’s future after it was cast into doubt when CBS announced the show would have a half-season and had lost it’s usual Friday night timeslot in favor of the lower rating Magnum P.I. reboot. Now that the show has an award won solely on the votes of fans, CBS may look at MacGyver in a more favorable light for its rating potential and move it back to full series status. 

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to seeing where the MacGyver team put their surfboard (yes they really do win a full-sized surfboard – see below). Maybe we’ll see it in the background at MacGyver’s house. 

This years Teen Choice Awards held at Hermosa Beach, California.

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