Mac’s Father Joins Regular Cast

It looks like MacGyver’s father and Bozer’s girlfriend (Leeana) will be making regular appearances in season 3.  

Central casting today listed a “Stand In’s For Season 3” ad showing images for both MacGyver’s father and Leanna with a note that they would work regularly on the show and must have a flexible schedule.

Fan’s have been questioning the role MacGyver’s father would play ever since the season 2 finale aired and we found out that he was the Phoenix Foundation’s “Oversight” prompting MacGyver to leave the foundation as the episode ended. Many fans had assumed he would only be part of the storyline to get MacGyver to come back to Phoenix but it now appears that he will be part of a longer story arc.  This is probably not unwarranted considering Mac spent all of season 2 looking for him; it would seem a shame to only have him in the first 2-3 episodes after such a big build-up.

The Season 2 finale also hinted at Leanna becoming a regular when she told Bozer that she’d been offered a job at Phoenix. She didn’t elaborate on what her role would be, but it’s feasible that she could replace agent Cage as the team’s 4th member. 
This idea has already been bandied around by fans with a somewhat mixed response. The majority worries that having another team member takes away screen time from MacGyver. 

The listing also has a 3rd Stand-in request for Tristan Mays indicating that she will remain part of the show. Her character was seen to be debating whether to stay with Phoenix or join boyfriend, Billy Colton, in his families bounty hunting business leading to questions about if she was leaving the show or not.

What is a stand-in?
Stand-ins are used to take the place of actors to allow the scene to be lined up and lit correctly before filming takes place. They are required to have similar height, build, hair and skin color to the actor they are replacing in order to make sure that the scene light, colors, and camera angles are correctly set with no adjustment required when the actor resumes their place for the scene. This process can take considerable time so the stand in’s are used to allow the actors to film other scenes during this time.

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