Major Accident On Set Of MacGyver

As reported by multiple sources, MacGyver stunt coordinator, Justin Sundquist,  was seriously injured while filming a stunt on Monday. 

Sources quoted indicate that he was performing a stunt which involved transferring from one vehicle to another when he sustained a severe head injury which required him to be put into a medically induced coma.  Reports out of the hospital on Thursday were that he is improving but remains unconscious. 

This accident comes a year after Sundquist sued CBS for another injury on the set of Hawaii-Five-0, where he was hit by a car during a stunt.  Deadline reports that the resulting law suit was settled out of court with part of the agreement being that he became stunt-coordinator on MacGyver this season.


What we know so far from other news sources:

  • The accident happened on-set on Monday, Aug 20, 2018.
  • The stunt involved Justin transferring from one vehicle to another.
  • The accident resulting in Justin receiving a head injury.
  • He was conscious after the accident but was later put into an induced coma.
  • As of Thursday he was showing signs of improvement but remained in a coma
  • Justin was involved in another accident last year on the set of Hawaii-Five-O. 
  • The H50 accident resulted in an out-of-court settlement with one of the agreements being that he would become Stunt Coordinator on MacGyver.


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Sources: Deadline , THR , Fox News




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