MDB returns to MacGyver

It seems that Michael Des Barres is set to return to MacGyver in the near future if recent casting calls are anything to go by.

Today’s call from Central Casting, the Atlanta based company which handles all the casting calls for MacGyver has listed photos of both MDB and David Dastmalchian requesting stand-ins for makeup tests this week.

MDB himself also posted a photo today of himself in character as Murdoc/Helman to add to the tease.

This news raises a few questions for fans as the last time we saw Helman he was shot dead by Murdoc; although as MDB and DD both pointed out, we never saw the body so it’s possible that the writers are going to carry on the “he never dies” tradition from Micheal’s days as Murdoc in the original MacGyver series since they didn’t do it with the reboot Murdoc. It could also be that this episode will feature MDB in some kind of flashback scenario, possibly  showing how Murdoc met Helman and became a hit-man.

Updated: Jan 27, 2019
MDB has begun sharing posts from Atlanta. His first post shows his script pages spread out on a coffee table with a caption saying he is learning his lines. We assume this means filming beings on Monday.





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