Michael Des Barres To Appear In MacGyver Reboot

Photo: Annette Brown/CBS

CBS has announced that original Murdoc, Michael Des Barres, will guest star in an upcoming episode of the MacGyver reboot. He is set to play the role of a mentor for the current Murdoc (David Dastmalchian). But when the Des Barres character decides to retire, the new Murdoc tries to kill him.

David Dastmalchian who plays the new Murdoc posted on his Instagram feed that the cat was officially out of the bag, adding “What an incredible time we had firing large explosive devices together!”  
Sounds like this episode is going to be everything we would hope for from a Murdoc vs. Murdoc showdown. 

Michael himself was making cryptic posts throughout the filming of the episode which included some on-set shots leading us to speculate that he would be making an appearance as a character similar to his Murdoc role in the original MacGyver. We questioned at the time if he may in fact be playing the role of ‘The Ghost’, which may still be a possibility but we may not know until this explosive episode airs in February.


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