Richard Dean Anderson Returns To New Zealand

Richard Dean Anderson will once again return to New Zealand next month but unlike last year which saw him only attend the Auckland Armageddon Expo, this year he will also be attending the Christchurch expo and as an extra bonus he’s bringing his StarGate SG:1 co-star, Michael Shanks, and Corin Nemic, along with him to both events.

Both events will feature a StarGate SG:1 panel with all 3 StarGate actors at noon on Saturday and then a MacGyver and StarGate SG:1 panel with Richard only on the Sunday also at noon.

As well as the stage shows Richard, Michael and Corin will all be doing photos and autograph signing sessions on Saturday and Sunday at both events. 

Visit the Armageddon site for all the details on guests, events pricing as well as purchasing of tickets and photo/signing tokens.


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