Season 3 Episode Schedule Released

The airdates of the first few episodes of season 3 of MacGyver have been released today.   

Listed on, the schedule shows the season 2 finale will air as a lead-in the week before season 3 premieres with a straight uninterrupted run for following 5 weeks.

There are currently no episode titles being listed due to not having been officially released yet, although we have seen a couple of titles posted by cast members on social media which you can follow via our Season 3 Production topic in our forums

We understand that episode 4 is being filmed this week and that the 5th episode will be a Halloween episode for which we’ve already seen casting calls for Day of the Dead celebration extras.

Casting call for Day of the Dead extras for MacGyver episode 3.05

You can keep up with all the latest news and behind the scenes information with images and updates from cast and crew posted daily in our Season 3 Production forums.


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