US Gets DVD Extras for Season 2

According to the first review of the soon to be season 2 DVD set, the US fans will this time also be getting the DVD extras disc.

Last year U.S. fans were bitterly disappointed when they discovered that unlike the rest of the world, their season 1 DVD release inexplicably had no extras included in the set, but this time will be different.

The extras disk was reviewed on the GeekToMe Radio blog which has a screen capture of the extra’s menu showing all 7 of the extras along with some interesting description of each extra.



According to the descriptions provided in the blog the first two items are walk throughs of various ‘Mac Hacks’ (formally known as MacGyverisms) from both seasons 1 and 2 which include things like how to make an electromagnet, a Leyden jar, floor jack, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, chemical detector along with many more.

The third item is a feature which has producers and crew talk about filming the season’s first opening gambit and provides a behind-the-scenes look at filming the actions sequences on location in Cuba and then the pick-up shots back in their Atlanta.

The other 4 items in the list are the same as the season 1 release…

Saving The Day’ gives us a highlights package of the season with commentary from members of the cast and crew about the scenes.

The ‘Special & Visual Effects’ item is a quick look at some of the work that goes into the FX used in season 2.

And the last 2 items are your standard ‘Gag Reel’ providing a humorous look at when things don’t go to plan on set and deleted scenes giving us an interesting look at extra footage that was shoot but ultimately wasn’t needed.

The DVD set is available from Sept 18.


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