The Houseboat Today

Name: Lands End

Built: 1980

Style: Floating home

Registered: July 1983 

Dimensions: 42 feet x 24 feet.

Named ‘Lands End’, the floating home is a 42 x 24 feet two leveled (1200 square feet) registered vessel.  Although referred to as a houseboat in the series, it’s correct designation is in fact ‘floating home’ because it has no motor and is designed to be moored in a marina rather than move around as a boat does.

All external “houseboat” scenes were filmed at the actual houseboat itself with the downstairs bathroom being used as a dressing room during the filming of these scenes. The internal Houseboat scenes were filmed on a sound stage set which had a number of differences to the real interior of the boat; The most obvious being that the kitchen and lounge areas were opposite to the real boat’s interior. After filming had completed it was moved from its filming location of Coal Harbor to Richmond Marina and from there to the private marina, it’s now docked in.

Floatation is achieved by 3 x 36-inch diameter steel pontoons which run the length of the home and are filled with injected “expanding” foam. In 2005 the flotation was supplemented with Styrofoam blocks between the pontoons for additional floatation. 

The ground level has a hardwood floor with 3 sections of the floor cleverly built and set to be almost invisible, which can be removed to access the pontoons (and see the water below). If needed, this is where a pump hose could be inserted to allow the pontoons to be pumped out. This ground level is also where we find the most noticeable difference between the on-screen interior and the real interior. The real interior has the kitchen and lounge area reversed to what we see on screen. We do actually get a couple of glimpses of this in the episodes “Legend of the Holy Rose” where we can see the kitchen counter through the open French doors, and the episode “Serenity” we see the empty lounge area where MacGyver’s kitchen should be.

The upstairs area is built off-square to the bottom floor of the house. Much like two blocks on top of each other with the top one skewed like an 8 pointed star, allowing for enough room for the Master bedroom and shower/bathroom as well as an office or working area.

Since its days of being used to film MacGyver the Houseboat has been moved to a private marina in Langley, BC where it has been overhauled and renovated with notable changes including the small “garden” window being moved from the “kitchen” end of the house to the side wall where we saw the bookshelves in the show and the outside being painted blue.

In April 2012 the houseboat was listed for sale on EBay. Despite becoming the site’s number one viewed auction of all time it didn’t meet the reserve and so remained for sale for a number of months until finally selling to an unknown buyer in late 2012.

It was again listed for sale as a “fixer-upper” on CraigsList in November 2014 for $36,000, a fraction of its original $200,000 price tag where it was stated specifically that the floats needed repairing and the house needs some TLC.



From the Outside

Showing a new paint job and an added window to the front wall.Showing a new paint job and an added window to the front wall.Here we can see the extra space used for upper and lower bathroom and laundry area.We can see the upstairs bathroom window to the left and the open bedroom window to the right.Front porch and end of house.Showing french doors and front side of the houseTrellis allows privacy and sun shade on the main porch.Great shot of the front side of the house with new paint and added window.You can clearly see the upstairs bathrooms sliding door and mini balcony.	Blue door leads to small storage room.
Good shot of floatation pontoons.Styrofoam blocks are fitted between the floatation pontoons for extra buoyancy.A closer view of the “expanding” foam filled pontoonsView of the upstairs Bathrooms sliding door leading onto mini balconyLeading into the lounge area with blue storage room door to the right.These were seen as MacGyver's kitchen windows, but are actually the lounge widows.




Inside – Downstairs

We can see here that the kitchen and dining room are opposite to what we saw in the MacGyver set with the kitchen located where MacGyver's fireplace was.Looking from the kitchen we can see what the real staircase looks like, and beyond that we can see a fireplace sits where we saw the kitchen on the MacGyver set.Here we can see cupboards and a desk area where the MacGyver set had shelves running the length of the lounge. We can also see a new window has been added.The lounge is situated where we saw MacGyver’s kitchen and dining room area.The tri-windows which where regularly seen at the end of MacGyver’s kitchen bench are actually the lounge bay windows..The fire place is located next to the door, where we saw MacGyver's fridge in the show.This was used as a dressing room during filming of external scenes.The downstairs toilet also houses the laundry area.The downstairs toilet is located behind the lounge area.


Inside – Upstairs 

Looking at the stairway landing from about where MacGyver's bed would have been.This half-wall is where we saw MacGyver's stairway landing in the few upstairs scenes we ever got.Here we finally get to see where the shower is. Although in MacGyver's house, it would have been more to the right.This room is never shown in the series, and probably wasn't even present in the filming set.Located over the area we saw as being the lounge (but in real life is the kitchen).This small triangle window looks down onto the decking in front of the french doors below.Looking at the other end of the bedroom we can see the main skylights through the bedroom window.Looking out from the bedroom we get a sense of the upstairs layout where we can see the skylight,stairs landing and "MacGyver" bedroom.Looking out from the bedroom we get a sense of the upstairs layout where we can see the skylight,stairs landing and "MacGyver" bedroom.The upstairs bathroom with navy soaker tub and stained triangle window.Sliding door leads from the master bathroom out to a mini-porch.This end of the bedroom is much smaller than it was shown on the shows filming set.The other end of the bedroom shows the distinctive Bay windows.This is looking at about where MacGyver's bed would have been in the show.



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