RDA and MDB Together At Rhode Island Comic Con

Michael Des Barres‏ today announced via twitter that both he and Richard Dean Anderson will be appearing at the Rhode Island Comic Con in November. 

This will be the first time we’ve seen the two together since MacGyver ended 1992 and the first time they’ve ever been together in a public setting such as this.

Michael stated in his tweet that he will be there for all 3 days of the convention while Richard is shown on their website as appearing Saturday and Sunday only.

The tweet was accompanied by a rare photo of he and Richard on the set of Strictly Business.


There was no specific wording to say that they will be together on stage but he replied to a fans question asking if RDA will be joining him with a simple “Yes”. This combined with the photo of them together may be an indication that they will be on stage together.


Rhode Island Comic Con runs from Nov 2nd – 4th, 2018.


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