Filming Of New MacGyver Pilot To Start This Month?

The new MacGyver pilot could be set to start filming later this month according to Hollywood insider in a short news snippet posted on their site.

The news snip reaffirms the idea that MacGyver will be recruited into a clandestine organization as well as repeating that it’s set to be filmed in Portland, Oregan, but then goes on to state that casting of the show has been given to Elizabeth Barnes who will presumably be looking to fill the slot in short order which begs the question of will we get the best person for the role or will we get a “he’ll do because we’re out of time” person?

This does lead us to wonder though, that with such tight timeframes being put in place are CBS taking the necessary care and thought needed to make this new show the best it can be or will this be a be thrown together with whatever they can find laying around?.

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