First Episode Title For Season 4 Revealed

We have our first season 4 episode title revealed tanks to a post on Instagram by Director of Photography, Christopher Duddy.

Taken at a concept meeting today, the photo shows episode 2.02 will be named “Fire + Ashes + Legacy = Phoenix” and is written by newcomer producer Terry Matalas and directed by Co-Executive Producer, David Straiton who also directed the ” Matty + Ethan + Fidelity” episode.

The first thing we noticed is that they are keeping the naming format from the last 2 seasons, which means this seasons titles will all contain 4 worded equations so may start resembling calculus equations before long.

The second thing which stands out to us is the title itself and what it could mean. There’s a very clear reference to the original Phoenix legend of the bird that rises from the ashes which, of course, has always been an integral part of the Phoenix Foundations name.  There’s also a reference to a  Legacy which has really piqued our interest to what it may refer to. Is it literally fire and ashes? Is Elliot Mason involved? Could it be some kind of move in a new direction for the team and indeed the show? Maybe this is Terry Matalas’ first step in exerting his hand as new executive producer and co-showrunner for this season?

We know there are already changes coming for this season with Levy Tran being promoted to full-time co-star as well as the addition of Henry Ian Cusick in a new co-starring role which may bring back some of the dynamic we had with Mac and Jack and may also be a replacement for James MacGyver who we know has stage 4 cancer, so may be written out of the show this season.

Production started this week on the shorter 13 episode season which has been pegged for an unannounced mid-season start date, losing it’s Friday night timeslot to Hawaii-Five-0 which moved to make room for Magnum PI. The announcement was met with shock and confusion as fans read the move as a first step towards cancellation. However, the show is only 22 episodes away from the required 88 episodes for the lucrative holy grail of syndication and this combined with the addition of both Levy Tran and Henry Ian Cusick to full-time roles is a good indication that CBS intends to continue the show and would mean we get at least another season to reach the syndication threshold. 

What are you looking forward to this season and what do you make of this episode title?  Let us know in the comments section.


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