First RDA ‘MacGyver’ Collectible Is Available Now

UPDATE May 20, 2015: This item has been permanently withdrawn from sale. See below.


Commissioned and released for sale today by Legends Canada on behalf of Richard Dean Anderson, this limited edition collectible contains a MacGyver engraved Swiss Army Knife, a still of MacGyver holding the knife and RDA’s engraved signature along with a short blurb about the show all beautifully housed behind glass and framed in black. 

This outstanding limited edition item will be the pride and the centerpiece of your MacGyver collection. 


Update from Legends Canada. 

Legends Canada greatly appreciates the response of fans since the launch of the new MacGyver Swiss Army knife display. Due to the overwhelming demand, we are currently accepting orders on the basis they will be shipped in late April and early May. Please note in the product description that due to safety factors, the frame will not be shipped with glass. It can be enjoyed as-is, or you can obtain a standard 8×10 piece of glass from your local frame shop. On behalf of Richard and Legends Canada, thank you for your interest! 


Second Update from Legends Canada. 

In recognizing there was very little merchandise in the collectible market relating to MacGyver, we tried to create something that would appeal to Richard’s loyal fanbase. Unfortunately, our efforts in doing so ran into a stumbling block with respect to licensing, hence our decision to withdraw the knife display. We rightly acknowledge the proprietary ownership of the rights to the name MacGyver and if the opportunity arises, we shall pursue this matter in our efforts to reach an amicable arrangement with the owner. Should this be successful, then we may attempt to bring this item back to the market with their approval.




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