George Eads Set To Leave MacGyver

This news was first broken by The Hollywood Report which sighted Eads desire to be closer to his daughter who lives in LA.

The actual facts are still pretty sketchy, with bits and pieces being added from various entertainment sites as they report what will be a quite shocking announcement to fans of the CBS reboot series currently in it’s 3rd season. 

Eads has been a fan favorite pretty much right from the start of the show and is the number two billing on the cast list. The ‘Bromance’ between the two leads was a major promotion point for the first two seasons but has been noticeably toned down in the current season.   Eads’ absence from episodes and BtS photos for the past couple of months has also been very noticeable with a number of fans replying to any group or BtS  photos on social media with “Where’s George?”
The absence started in October which is when George is reported to have stormed off the set after an “altercation” during a production day shoot.  During that same month he also deleted his Instagram account.

It’s been reported that Eads signed on to the show believing it would be filmed in LA but production was moved to Atlanta for the filming of season 1 and has remained there ever since leaving Eads unhappy about spending so much time away from his young daughter and reportedly wanting to leave the show right from season 1.

George is currently filming his final episode now which would be episode 13 or 14, so episode 11’s title of ‘Mac + Fallout + Jack’ would indicate that this is the beginning of the setup for his departure.

Word is that Eads character (Jack Dalton) wont be killed off, but instead written out leaving the door open for Eads to make guest appearances in future episodes.

Here’s what we know so far: 

  • George Eads is leaving the show before the end of the season.
  • His character (Jack Dalton) wont be killed off, leaving him open for future guest appearances.
  • He’s leaving to spend time with his young daughter who lives in LA while he films on the other side of the country in Atlanta.
  • George reportedly stormed off-set after an altercation back in October.
  • We’ve seen little of George BtS since October.
  • He disappeared from social media during October
  • He’s apparently filming his last episode this week which will make episode 13 or 14 his final appearence.
  • He signed on to the show believing it was to be filmed in LA – allowing him to stay close to his daughter, but filming moved to Atlanta for season 1 onwards.
  • He’s been vocally unhappy about filming in Atlanta and has been asking to leave the show from the first season.

What are your thoughts on George leaving the show? 

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  1. It’s a shame George Eads had to leave but I applaud his desire to be a father over being on a hit show. I miss him but still admire him even more.

  2. Go George, you’re making the right choice. Not many have their priorities in line like that. Peace to you and your family. Cant wait to see you in your next project

  3. I am not sorry, he must be the worst acteur I have ever watched, same class as (what’s his name) who played in Kit and Bay watch=0/10

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