Is Michael Des Barres Appearing In MacGyver Reboot?

Photo sources: Michael Des Barres and Twitter user 'skippyfox'

SPECULATION:  While yet unconfirmed by CBS it appears that Michael Des Barres, the original Murdoc, has been filming on the set of the MacGyver reboot.

Michael himself has been careful not to give anything away while posting his mysterious photos on his facebook and twitter accounts recently indicating that he has been filming a role of an evil character but giving no indication of the show it relates to.

Thoughts were that it may have been for Walking Dead, which is also filmed in Georgia, but the above pictures from his Facebook page and Twitter user skippyfox, who snapped a picture of the MacGyver crew filming at a neighboring house, seem to give evidence that he’s on the MacGyver set which leaves the question “Which character is he playing?”  There’s some speculation around the idea that he may appear as The Ghost, a mysterious nemesis to MacGyver from season 1 who traps MacGyver in his own house in the upcoming episode 12 of season 2 but it’s unknown if we will see The Ghost on screen in this episode as there is no cast listing for the character, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see him in a later episode as part of The Ghost story arc.

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