MacGyver Blu-ray Hits Europe

MacGyver on Blu-ray makes it’s first appearance in Europe today as it goes on shelves in Germany.  UK fans will have to wait until Nov 12 to get their HD fix while France get their own copies from Nov 21.

Since the initial US release fans have been quietly impressed with the quality of the HD restoration. While the first season doesn’t include any extras, most fans are still saying having such  good quality image is well worth the price of the set.

MacGyver Blu-ray released for order so far: 


United States   (available now)

Germany  (available now)

United Kingdom  (preorder for Nov 12)

France  (preorder for Nov 21)

CBS announced back in June 2018 that they were remastering the classic MacGyver series to HD using the original film masters. This caused some confusion amongst fans who knew the show was edited on video leading to questions about whether it was true remastering or digital trickery.  The answer is that the show was originally recorded on film and then transferred to video for easier editing thus allowing for full HD remastering.

There’s also been some questions about wide screen vs. standard screen size which has been mostly fueled by the combination of both wide and standard in the quality comparison video (see below) released by CBS. However the wide screen shots are only from season 3 clips with season 1 and 2 clips remaining at standard size. This is most likely due to equipment upgrades when the production moved to Vancouver for season 3 which also marks the start of the stereo sound in the show (despite not being advertised until season 4) so it’s very likely that the change of equipment also included moving to wider framed cameras.





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