MacGyver Debuts To Mixed Reviews

It’s been the source of speculation, turmoil, sheer hate and finally cautious optimism since it’s announcement back in February of this year, but finally last night we got to see the finished product as the new series of MacGyver premiered on CBS to what appears to be a pretty equal love-hate reception. 

Facebook seemed to be mostly negative responses while Twitter had a much more positive response with the MacGyver hash-tag trending throughout the episode as cast and crew live-tweeted and responded to viewers comments. 

Online reviews have been mostly more centered and show cautious optimistic, but they too are indicating that they had to go digging to find traces of the original character and the show itself had little to make it stand out from the crowd of other team players with some stating the show seems to think that simply using familiar names and throwing in a bunch of MacGyverisms is enough to bring the fans flocking. 

The top complaints seem to revolve around the ‘Team MacGyver’ aspect making the show feel too busy; MacGyver having a drink at the end of the episode; the MacGyverisms having written descriptions on-screen as they happen and not enough emphasis on them, making it feel like they gloss over the ingenuity to get back to the action as quickly as possible; the hashed theme music and opening credits seem to have quite a few upset, as does MacGyver being much cockier and over-sure of himself and his abilities. 

Our own forums feedback is reflecting many of these concerns also, with most seeing potential in the show but also seeing some stark and distracting departures from the original which, if this reboot is going to rejuvenate the MacGyver franchise, will need to be responded to quickly before the show becomes lost amongst the ample helping of other team action shows on air now. 


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