Season 3 Premiere Date Set

As MacGyver starts its second day of filming for season 3, CBS has announced their 2018-2019 Primetime premiere dates which include MacGyver set to premiere on Friday, Sept 28 in its usual time slot of 8 pm.

The news is a welcome announcement by fans and was quickly followed by series order information updated on the CBS site showing a full 22 episode series order. 

There has been much speculation on how this season will go after the season 2 finale left us with several unresolved situations. The biggest of which was MacGyver leaving the Phoenix Foundation after finding out his father was running it leaving fans questioning how much of a role if any, his father would play in this season.  Many fans had assumed he would only be part of the storyline to get MacGyver to come back to Phoenix but after learning that he and ‘Leeana’ have signed on as regulars for the season it now appears that he will be part of a longer story arc. This is probably not unwarranted considering Mac spent all of season 2 looking for him; it would seem a shame to only have him in the first 2-3 episodes after such a big build-up. It’s also possible that having MacGyver out of the Phoenix Foundation would allow the show to move away from the mission-based format which has at times stifled the shows progress. Many fans have indicated that they would like to see MacGyver “fall” into adventures much like the Cuba episode rather than be assigned a mission every week.

We also saw Leanna tell Bozer that she’d been offered a job at Phoenix. She didn’t elaborate on what her role would be, but it’s feasible that she could replace agent Cage as the team’s 4th member. This idea has already been bandied around by fans with a somewhat mixed response. The majority worries that having another team member takes away screen time from MacGyver. 

As if these 2 things weren’t enough we had a 3rd twist offered to us at the end of last season when we saw Riley debating whether to stay with Phoenix or join boyfriend, Billy Colton, in his families bounty hunting business leading to questions about if she was leaving the show or not. We’ve seen stand-in calls for Tristin so we now know she is still on the show, but we’ll have to wait and see in what capacity.

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