The Rise of HIT?

Any fan of the original MacGyver will know that Murdoc worked for the Homicide International Trust, an “assassins for hire” business run by Nicholas Helman. HIT was mentioned several times throughout the original series, but apart from a teasing hint in the first season, has remained a missing component of the reboot series.

This may be about to change with the return of Michael Des Barres to his role of Nicholas Helman in the upcoming episode written by MacGyver creator, Lee David Zlotoff and teasingly named Murdoc + Helman + Hit.

Michael Des Barres reprises his role as Nicholas Helman.
Source: Michael Des Barres on Facebook

You’ll remember that Helman was shot and presumably killed at the end of episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs. At the time MDB was already teasing a return by saying we didn’t see a body, referring, of course, to his role as the original Murdoc where he kept returning from a presumed death and it seems that aspect has stuck with MDB in this upcoming episode which sees Nicholas Helman going on a killing rampage causing the Phoenix team to seek help from the only man who may know enough about him to help – Murdoc.

How did Helman survive? Why is he killing everyone in sight? Was the organisation he worked for HIT? …and if so did he start it?   These are only some of the questions we’re hoping will be answered in this upcoming episode.
We already know that Helman trained Murdoc after he failed to get into the US Army and that Helman had been hunting Murdoc after his failed attempt to “retire” Helman for leaving the business resulted in the death of his new bride. But we don’t know any deeper details so there’s plenty of room to fill in gaps here.

If having Murdoc and Helman together again in a single episode wasn’t enough this episode has an extra treat of being written by MacGyver creator himself, Lee David Zlotoff.  Lee has written episodes for seasons 1 and 2, both of which were rated very high by the fans with many sighting them as being the closest to the original MacGyver series of each season so we’re hoping this will again be the case.


Episode 2×15: Murdoc + Handcuffs airs April 5 at 8 pm EST (7 central) on CBS.



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