U.S. Gets Season 2 DVD Release Date

Hot on the heels of the Irish DVD release announcement,  Amazon.com have listed the season 2 DVD for US pre-order with the same release date of Sept 18. This has come as quite a surprise after the season 1 DVD wasn’t released until Feb 27, 2018 – some 5 months after the UK’s Sept 11 release. 

The Amazon listing doesn’t have many details yet other than the price ($22.40), release date and standard product details although other sites starting to list the release are claiming the set has the same extras as the Irish release which will be a welcome relief to fans who were left annoyed and confused when the season 1 US DVD set was released in the US with no extras even though other regions had bonus material causing fans to wonder why they not only had to wait 5 months longer than most other shows but as a bonus insult the extras were left off the set leading some to point out that the only reason for purchasing the DVD set would be the bonus materials as they can already watch the show online. 

There is, however, hope with this news that CBS may have listened to the U.S. fans and not only brought the release date into line with the rest of its shows but will also include the bonus materials listed for the Irish release which will include…

  • “MacGyver in Cuba” Featurette
  • “Saving the Day, Season 2” Featurette
  • “MacGyver: Special & Visual Effects” Featurette
  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted Scenes

Season 2 is available for pre-order,  $22.40


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